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Kitchen Design Tool
Kitchen Design Tool

March 2018 - Stone Of The Month

Venato Extra Quartz Countertops

Venato Extra Quartz features beautiful Gray veins that is accented with Dark Gray pools. The features make for a awesome contrast to the white background color. This quartz is the perfect fit for kitchen countertops due to its natural ability to withstand scratches, high temperatures and staining. These great factors are created through the manufacturing process where the final step is that the material is hermetically sealed.

Venato Extra Quartz - Benefits

    Stain, Heat & Moisture Resistant

    Durable - Only Requiring Minimum Maintenance

    Improve The Apperance of Your Kitchen With The Smooth Grains And Neutral Colors

    A Great Investment For The Long Term Vision Of Your Home

    Have A Custom Granite Countertop Layout & Installation

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