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Cambria Brittanicca

Cambria Brittannica Countertop Sample
Cambria Brittanicca Quartz Slab Image

Cambria Britannica Quartz countertops are a durable and stylish option for kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Brittanicca Quartz has a creamy marbled background that feature a white and gray marbled design with intricate veining and is dotted with charcoal speckles. The combination of colors and the iconic pattern created by bold undulating veins give the design beautiful depth and dimension, and it complements many design aesthetics.

Pricing and Availability
Cambria Brittanicca Quartz
Cambria Brittanicca Quartz pricing is dependant on several variables such as:
  • Square footage of your project
  • Type of sink and range cutouts
Because East Coast Granite & Tile is the largest countertop fabricator in Greenville Spartanburg:
  • We will always have the best price in the area
  • We will work hard to meet your expectations and budget

Cambria Brittanicca Quartz Countertops
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